Welcome to the Muriwai Free Software Resources page . The links we have provided below are in our opinion the most useful and relevant links to free software and warez sites specifically for New Zealanders . As these are only links we can accept no responsibility for the content of these sites . However they are resources which we have found most helpful to ourselves and we hope you find them just as useful . You will also find links to many other great sites from these pages . As well as the links to software sites we have included direct links to the webs most frequently downloaded programs . Please click on the button to the left of the link .
Tucows NZ
TuCows NZ : Tucows offers Internet users around the world the latest and greatest software on the Internet with a fast, local download. Tucows is well known for its comprehensive software reviews and simple, reliable rating system. Users also come to Tucows for the most current news from what's going on in the software industry to what's new on the Internet in general . Lots of Freeware , Trial software and free stuff galore hosted in N.Z.
Freeware Home Freeware Home : There are thousands of great freeware titles available for Windows based computers and this site collects the best of them in an attractive and easily navigable interface. Categories cover everything from desktop wallpaper and fonts to education software and Internet tools. An added bonus is an index of companies offering free Internet access, e-mail and Web site hosting.
Freeware files Freeware Files : Freeware files galore all categorised in a neat , easy to navigate site . Also many links to all manner of freebies and informative sites .
Win Sock FTP IWin Sock Ftp (WS_FTP) :The most widely-used FTP client on the Net. There's nothing fancy about WS_FTP, but it gets the job done and has every feature you need for basic uploads and downloads. Free for home and academic uses.
Irfanview32 rfanview32 : Great freeware graphics and multimedia viewer from Bosnia. We use this as our system's default image viewer and converter because it loads quickly, is easily customisable, has Drag & Drop support and supports many file formats:JPG and GIF files, as well as BMP, RLE, DIB, PCX, PNG, TGA, RAS, TIFF, ICO, AVI, WMF and more. Offered in English and German versions. IrfanView now supports RealAudio, MP3 and Flash formats.
POV-Ray 3d Graphics Tool
IPOV-Ray 3D Graphics Tool : POV-Ray (the Persistence of Vision Raytracer) is a high-quality, free program for creating amazing 3-D graphics . Has a steep learning curve, but is worth the time you invest in it, if you're serious about learning about ray-traced graphics. Available for Windows, DOS, Macs, Linux, SunOS and Amiga.
Firefox Mozilla Firefox:This is a fast easy to use browser, very comparable to IE7. This browser is free for download from the team at Mozilla. Downloadable skin and add-ons extend this browsers capabilities .Built in popup blocker and phishing tools
Winamp 5.35 Winamp 5.35 : WinAmp is a one-stop program for all your audio needs. You will be impressed by the length of options and its interface. Will play Mp3's , Audio CD's in fact just about anything . This program will set the standard for all to come .
ICQ 2003a ICQ 2003a : ICQ is a chat messaging program made absolutely for the end user. ICQ 2003a has all the great features that ICQ 2000 had, such as voice, message board, data conferencing and Internet games; but ICQ 2003a will also get your entire message across in real-time.You could try the lite version also.
Winzip Winzip : Most internet users will have come across .ZIP files . These are files that have been compressed to enable faster downloading or easier copying to floppy disk etc . Winzip is probably the most widely used utility to manage these files . A must for all internet users .
Go!Zilla Download Manager Go!Zilla :Go!Zilla is the best freeware download manager. Quickly and easily drag-and-drop the files directly to the categories. Go!Zilla has automatic Internet connect and disconnect; it will even shut your computer off when it is done. Go!Zilla also has recurring download scheduling in order to automatically update changing files such as stock reports and weather maps. In addition, it automatically sends all incoming files through the virus checker for validation. Go!Zilla contains a clipboard monitor in order to quickly add files by simply copying from the browser. It also supports resumeable downloads .
Napster Napster : Probably the most controversial site there was on the web.Whatever guise napster may take it is definitely here to stay.
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