Welcome to the Muriwai New Zealand search engine resources page . The links we have provided below are in our opinion the most useful and relevant links to search engine and directory sites specifically for New Zealanders . As these are only links we can accept no responsibility for the content of these sites . However they are resources which we have found most helpful to ourselves and we hope you find them just as useful . You will also find links to many other great sites from these pages . Please click on the button to the left of the link .
NZ Search Search NZ : A fault tolerant ("fuzzy") search engine , restricted to New Zealand cyberspace and is part of the NZCity group of sites . This is my 1st stop for N.Z. related searching .
ANZWERS ANZwers : An excellent search resource for New Zealand and Australia . You may select to search just N.Z. cyberspace , just Australian cyberspace or the world wide web .
N.Z. Explorer N.Z. Explorer : Another excellent search engine for New Zealand cyberspace only . You simply search using a number of keywords , Case sensitive and punctuation ignored .
Te Puna web directory Te Puna Web Directory : The Te Puna web directory is maintained by the National Library of New Zealand and maintains a listing of New Zealand and Pacific Island web sites . Special directories for Maori and Pacific Island websites are available . Ka Pai !!!
Access New Zealand Access New Zealand : Access N.Z. provides a searchable directory of websites maintained by New Zealand companies and organisations . The leading business website directory .
N.Z. Internet connected Organizations N.Z. Internet Connected Organisations : Find any domain name ending in ".co.nz" by using this neat search service . It walks the N.Z. portion of the DNS namespace once a month to provide a neat service for finding those forgotten URL's . Find by search only .
New Zealand Government Websites N.Z. Government Websites : Links to all Government departments that are currently maintaining a website . You never know when you may need this site and it can save alot of time and frustrating phone calls when dealing with faceless beauracracy .
Destination New Zealand Destination New Zealand : Good for Tourists and those overseas visitors wanting to learn more and get more from their visit to our country . Might even teach us Kiwi's a thing or two Great links to information and resources for the local and tourist alike .
Telecom Whitepages Telecom Whitepages : That's right the good old N.Z. phone books are now online for your use Search by name location or region and save valuable time to get up to date phone and e-mail details . Hosted on a fast server this is a very useful site for business and home users .
Telecom Yellowpages Telecom Yellowpages : That's right the good old N.Z. yellowpages are now online for your use . Search by product or location . A directory search is also available. Hosted on a fast server this is a very useful site for business and home users alike .
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