Welcome to the fun things page . The links we have provided below are in our opinion the most useful and relevant links to fun sites available . As these are only links we can accept no responsibility for the content of these sites . However they are resources which we have found most helpful to ourselves and we believe them to be suitable for people of all ages . You will also find links to many other great sites from these pages . Please click on the button to the left of the link .
Error 95 Joke Program Error 95 Joke Program: This free demo program is a must-have gag for pranksters. Error95 generates customisable fake error messages for Windows 95/98 and NT. Drive your computer buddies crazy! If you want more power and more errors, you can order the full version. (For Windows).
Javascript source Java Script Source : This site serves up neat Java scripts for use on your web pages from some simple gags to some very useful utilities and graphic effects .
Acid Cool fonts Acid Cool fonts : You'll find over 1,000 free fonts here, organised alphabetically, at this well-designed site. Fonts are in ZIP compressed form for faster download. Each page on the site shows a graphical representation of each font. Be sure to check out the cool "Sci-Fi" fonts, which features such eye-grabbers as "Babylon 5," "Klingon Blade," "Star Trek,"and "Tron." The site is updated monthly. Acid Fonts now offers fonts for the Mac.
Homestead Homestead : An innovative Web space provider that makes it easy to create nice looking pages, within only minutes. Features a powerful, "drag-and-drop" online editor that makes the whole process of building a Web site simple, even for newbies. You can build a site from scratch, or select from their pre-designed, customisable pages. They also offer free chat rooms, guest books and more. Build your own website today with no experience required .
Mesasage Mates Message Mates :Online messages with attitude ! This service offers cool, free digital animation's that you can personalise and send as E-mail attachments. Themes are added every week. Current topics include Frank Sinatra, "Alienz," and the World Cup.
G Cards G Cards : A new free greeting cards site that offers an appealing selection of digital cards for every occasion. Categories here include "love," "nostalgia," "birthday," "flowers," "dolls," "bon voyage," "wildlife" and "pets," as well as general, all-purpose cards. You may select from either animated or non-animated images and if you can't think of what to say, there is even a variety of pre-written greetings available. You can personalise each card with your own message, text, background, music, etc.
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